block 2 phase 1: 030717

This is the introduction week for the second block of our programme. For the next 4 weeks we will be focusing on strength work, building up from 70% to 85% of your 1rm. This week is intro week so weights should be challenging but not difficult. We will be doing 5 sets with your 5th set being as many as possible.

Remember to bring your notebook to record your weights that you lifted and how many reps you managed to do on your last set.

This week we are working at 70% of your 1rm no more no less

monday 03


squat 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3 mins rest)

shoulder press 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3 mins rest)

tri-set: 3 sets (60s rest between sets)

pull ups x5 / split squats x5el / deadbugs x12


row 250m x3 60s rest between set

tuesday 04

build to heavy hang power snatch


10 x complex of

1 high hang power snatch / 1 hang power snatch / 1 power snatch

4 rounds for time

20 db snatch / 20 american kb swings / 20 push ups

wednesday 05


clean 5×3 (2-3 mins rest)

deadlift 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3 mins rest)

triset: 3 sets (60s rest between sets)

ring dips x5 / hip thrusts x10 / plank 30s


run 400m x3 60s rest between sets

thursday 06

15 min emom

3 strict shoulder press

7 rounds for time

7 burpees / 7 ttb / 7 push press @40/30kg

friday 07


squats 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3mins rest)

bench press 4×5 + 1×5+ (2-3mins rest)

triset: 3 sets (60s rest between sets)

pull ups x5 / walking lunges x20 / ab role outs x6


bike 500m x3 60s rest between sets

saturday 08

db thrusters


400m run / 10-1 deadlift + 1-10 wall balls / 400m run

sunday 09

session to be decided by coach


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