Monday 09

Kneeling SA KB Press



3 Rounds

100DU / 200SU

200m run (x10 lengths)

30cal bike


Tuesday 10


3 sumo deadlift     80/60kg



3 burpee box jump-overs      24″/20″

3 conventional deadlifts        100/70kg

6 burpee box jump-overs

6 conventional deadlifts

9 burpee box-overs

9 conventional deadlifts



Wednesday 11


1 clean complex               40/25kg

1 hang clean + 1 power clean + 1 squat clean = 1rep


For time

50 wall balls      9/7kg

15 cleans             60/40kg

50 wall balls

10 cleans             80/60kg

50 wall balls

5 cleans                90/70kg


Thursday 12

OH squat



For time

400m row/ski

1min rest

800m row/ski

2min rest

1,200m row/ski

3min rest

1,600m row/ski

*30min time cap


Friday 13

Ring dips



10 rounds

Strict pull ups x 3

Battle ropes x 20

Side ball slams x20


Saturday 14

In pairs


tyre flips     1 work/1 rest

*score = total tyre flips


In pairs

tabata       20sec work/10sec rest

4min synchronised wall balls

4min synchronised ring rows

4min synchronised walking lunges

4min synchronised push ups


Sunday 15


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