Monday 23

Front squats


*20mins build to heavy 3



BB Front rack walking lunges x1 length 30/25kg

Ring dips x10


Tuesday 24


100 cal bike

80 KB swings

60 Box jumps

40 DB squat clean

20 pull ups

10 handstand wall walks

*1 work 1 rest

* Split reps evenly


Wednesday 25

The floor is lava

The aim: get your team from one end of the hall to the other as many times as possible 7 minutes.

1 team starts by using the battle ropes the other team starts with the sledge hammers.

You keep going until your team has reached one side of the hall then you swap with a team mate.



DL 80/60kg

Renegade row 15/10kg

(R+L=1 rep)


Thursday 26

Push press


*20mins Build to heavy 5


5 Rounds

15 Burpees

30 cal row

*18min TC


Friday 27

Back squat



200m ski/row

20 KB swings

200m ski/row

20 KB goblet squats

200m ski/row

20 KB OH lunges

200m ski/row


Saturday 28

Rope climb tekkers


10 Rounds

Shuttle runs


Sunday 29


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