Monday 12

Handstand Walk Tekkers

5 rounds of:

1 length HS walks OR 20 HSPU

20 air squats


Tuesday 13

Partner WOD, for time:

100 cal Air Bike

80 Double Unders

60 TTB

40 Thrusters                        50/35kg

20 Power Cleans                 50/35kg

10 Box-over Burpees

*split reps evenly – you go, I go


Wednesday 14




8 Power Snatch                       50/30kg

10 Push ups

12 Sit ups


Thursday 15

Wall Ball Tekkers

4 rounds of:

4 length Overhead Plate Lunges                  20/15kg

30 Box Jumps

20 Wall Balls                                                      9/7kg

10 cal Row


Friday 16

Open WOD: 18.4


Saturday 17

Toes-to-Bar Tekkers

For Time:

100 hang cleans                       50/30kg

*20 TTB if the bar touches the floor at any time


Sunday 18


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