Are you really getting enough sleep?

Our bodies require sleep in order to maintain proper function and health. In fact, we are programmed to sleep each night as a means of restoring our bodies and minds. But do we really need 7-8 hours a night? Research has found that only a tiny percentage of people (under 5%) have been found to … Continue reading Are you really getting enough sleep?

STRONG by Zumba: A Journey

I have always been passionate about teaching my classes, but STRONG by Zumba has taken that passion to a whole new level. It is revolutionary and so refreshing; it incorporates HIIT based moves synced to music that helps to drive each move. The master trainer, (and my fitness idol) Ai Lee Syarief is a driving … Continue reading STRONG by Zumba: A Journey

Four steps to a winning mindset

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, maybe the most important thing isn’t your schedule or diet or even training; maybe it’s the way you think about fitness. To have a winning mindset you have to open up and welcome new opportunities to learn. You need to think positively and actually enjoy what you … Continue reading Four steps to a winning mindset