Running Club take on Equinox24!

This year, myself and a team of six runners (2 staff and 4 members) took on Equinox24, a 24 hour run around Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. The aim, as you might have guessed, was to complete as many 10km laps as possible in the 24 hour event. Before that though, we had the small matter … Continue reading Running Club take on Equinox24!

The CrossFit Open 2018: Where Grassroots meets Greatness

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23 Feb - 26 Mar 2018 The Crossfit Open - Register today! The Open is comprised of five workouts over five weeks, and it starts with 18.1.Β Open workouts are identified by their year and the order in which they appear. The workouts will be released every Friday 1am GMT (Thursday at 5pm PT), and you … Continue reading The CrossFit Open 2018: Where Grassroots meets Greatness

Be an Iceberg!

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Yes, you read that right. Be an iceberg! I don’t mean this in the literal sense; you throwing yourself into freezing water, letting yourself be blown around by winds and the currents (although this guy has some good tips if you want to do that). No, I am talking about being more than what people … Continue reading Be an Iceberg!